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About Luckybet89

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  • LuckyBet89 is a legal land based casino. LuckyBet89 Casino is able to provide quality online entertainment and an enhanced gaming experience globally.

  • New Gaming Concept

  • LuckyBet89 Casino is the first casino that provides or offer live table game with real players playing on the tables in our casino. We believe in providing superior gaming experience and best value to our customers and trust that our products will be able to cater to all kind of players and satisfied their gaming needs and requirements. We are able to provide immediate winnings confirmation, rapid payouts, easy access and fast online gaming that are all available to you around the clock. Our Live Dealer games offer customers real time dealing and a live casino experience that should not be missed. Customers get to see on their screens in their own homes our professional Model dealers spinning the ball and shaking the dice in real time. Not just that, you are able to chat and meet up with them. LuckyBet89 provide many variety of Asian popular games like Baccarat , Dragon Tiger , Tai Sai , Roulette and Se Die.

  • Secure Internet

  • We provide endpoint authentication and communications confidentiality over the Internet using a 128 bit SSL connection to provide security for our customers. The latest encryption techniques are also deployed to ensure that data and personal information stored on our servers remains safe and confidential.

About us